No meme! Richarlison interviewed Conte after the chicken fell to 16 teams in the CL.

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Tottenham Hotspur forward Richarlison has attacked his manager Antonio Conte after Tottenham’s goalless draw against AC Milan last night.

 Tottenham Hotspur star  Richarlison has revealed to TNT Sports that he did not understand why Antonio Conte made him a substitute. After the wins over West Ham and Che. Lucy also asked Conte why he hadn’t told him anything. The 25-year-old Richarlison started in the wins against West Ham and Chelsea. But after that he was left as a substitute in the losing game. Wolverhampton 1-0 and on Wednesday night, March. The Brazilian star was left on the bench again. By entering the field in the remaining time of only 20 minutes

No meme! Richarlison interviewed Conte after the chicken fell to 16 teams in the CL.

          Football UEFA Champions League round of 16, the last two teams, when in the past Spurs returned to open the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, receiving a visit from AC Milan , with the first result “Red Devils Black” won 1-0. It appears that the Golden Spur chicken army does not penetrate AC Milan, ending with a scoreless 0-0, sending “Red and Black Devils” who won the first game. Passed into the final 8 teams with a total score of 1-0. In that game, Spurs left 10 players from the 77th minute as well, after Christian Romero received a second yellow card, becoming a red card, being expelled from the field go UFABET

          As a result of such elimination, the fans Heavily criticized the Spurs team for their lack of flash in attack. Most of the blame goes to the Italian manager. There has been a lot of criticism about his tactics. And his decision to replace  Dejan Kulusevski with a defender came as the team needed a goal following Christian Romero’s second yellow card. And once again, Richarlison taunted Conte during an interview with the Brazilian press.

         “ That’s what I don’t understand. (Being on the bench) It’s going well. Two wins against West Ham and Chelsea, he suddenly put me on the bench against Wolverhampton. He gave me five minutes to play, I asked why, they didn’t tell me anything. Competing, they left me on the bench. This is something that is impossible to understand,” Richarlison told TNT Sports. “Let’s see what he has to say tomorrow. But there are no fools here either. i am a professional I work every day and I want to play. when I’m on the field I gave my life, I came from two games doing well,” added Ri Charlizon. “I should have played.”

          Good question from Richarlison. And it was shocking to hear a player speak openly to the media about his boss. But looking at Son Heung Min who looked worried and unconfident. So many people wonder why Richarlison sits on the bench? especially With his two such good performances in 2-0 wins over West Ham and Chelsea, why change if Spurs win? Richarlison , who got off to a winning start, was forced to sit on the bench against Wolverhampton Wanderers and Milan.