Rules dragon tiger

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To play Dragon Tiger, we will have about 15 – 40 seconds to place bets here. Depending on the table or Online casinos will determine which bets can choose to predict Tiger wins (Tiger), Dragon wins Dragon) or Tie (Tie). After that, the dealer will close the bet before dealing cards to both sides. 1 card per side

After the cards are dealt, the dealer will turn over the cards to measure the points. If any side has more points, it will win. But if both sides have the same points, it is considered that the UFABET result is a draw. People who bet on the Tiger or Dragon side will be considered losing and have to lose half of the bet. For example, betting on a tiger wins 100 baht, the result is always, we will lose 50 baht and get it back. 50 baht

Rules dragon tiger

Caution when playing Dragon Tiger

Although Dragon Tiger is a card game that is easy to play, quick to play, low risk. But there is a precaution if we accidentally get involved with it. Playing together unexpectedly without concentrating I’m sure you’re exhausted quickly. And with the fact that there are as few as 3 betting options or at most 5 in some online casinos, it causes monotony in playing until we may accidentally place bets without thinking. Which is considered to be very dangerous for bettors.