Scandal off the field! Police investigate ‘Walker’ for lewd acts in a bar

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Kyle Walker, Manchester City defender When police began investigating a drunk and ripped-off pant show at a bar last Sunday, If they are really wrong. They will be charged with indecency. The sailboat side refrain from commenting on this matter

Cheshire Police have confirmed they are investigating an incident in which Manchester City right-back Kyle Walker committed indecency at a bar. The media that likes to present the scandal that. He pulled his pants down twice in front of his friends and other customers in the store in a drunken state.

Scandal off the field! Police investigate 'Walker' for lewd acts in a bar

The incident allegedly happened one day. After the defensive line, the Blues played in the English Premier League game where City defeated Newcastle United 2-0. In which Pep Guardiola, the bull’s trainer, was fierce. Having let the players rest, Walker and his group of friends were partying at the bar. 14 miles south of Manchester. Without his wife Annie joining him. too

A police statement said: “On Wednesday 8 March Cheshire Police became aware of videos circulating on social media of pedophilia. which allegedly took place in the Wilmslow area. The investigation into the incident is still in its infancy. And there haven’t been any arrests at this UFABET time.” 

The Sun reports the 32-year-old could face charges of misconduct in public. Which if found guilty He may be punished with a minimum fine or a maximum of 2 years imprisonment together. While the local team at Etihad Stadium has refused to comment. Because it is seen as a personal event and a holiday for the players

Walker has won the Premier League and League Cup four times with Manchester City and the FA Cup since joining from Tottenham Hotspur in 2017. Has been in the England national team for a total of 73 matches. His marriage has just reconciled with Annie after the woman had asked to part with him in 2019. But from this scandal I still don’t know how much it will affect my marriage life.