What is the football price 1 x 2, is it profitable ?

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Many people may feel somewhat confused. When seeing the term 1 x 2 ball odds, some people may confuse it with half-double odds. It can be briefly described as follows.

  • If choosing 1 means betting that the home team will win.
  • If 2 is selected, means betting on the away team to win.
  • If selected x means betting that both teams will draw.
What is the football price 1 x 2, is it profitable ?

when entering the online football betting page. There will be 2 more letters, HT and FT, in front of the 1 x 2 ball odds. What you need to understand more in this section is that HT stands for Half Time or just the first half and FT stands for Full Time or full match. time So be sure to consider whether you want to bet on just the first 45 minutes or if you want to bet on the entire match at all.

If you ask if it’s profitable or not? I have to answer that it’s very good. If you choose the right side and choose a good price For example, Liverpool VS Man City if you play at the price of 1 x 2 by betting Man City 100 baht at the rate of 18.00 if Man City wins Liverpool. You will immediately receive 1,800 baht including capital, but if Liverpool wins will only lose 100 baht. The payout rate here will be even higher. But in the past, there have been frequent incidents of falling giants. If you take the risk and get a return many times this size Put a little money on the tip of the glove, you might win money for further investment in other UFABET games.