Brentford 0-1 Arsenal: Issues after the Premier League game. Havetz’s header leads the victory, sending the Gunners to the top of the table.

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Arsenal won their 9th game in the Premier League this season, officially moving up to the top of the table after grabbing 3 points over Brentford last night.

Brentford 0-1 Arsenal: Issues after the Premier League game. Havetz's header leads the victory, sending the Gunners to the top of the table.

*Competition : Premier League 2023-2024
Competition day : Saturday 25 November 2023
Competition venue : GTech Community Stadium
Result: Brentford 0 – 1 Arsenal

Arsenal Narrowly took three points home with a late winner that put them top of the table. Premier League After 13 games

Brentford’s defensive wall called “teamwork”

Brentford are one of the Premier League’s newest teams, having been promoted to the top flight in recent years. One thing that has always supported the ufabet team’s survival is team spirit and the tactical understanding of their boss Thomas Frank. Brentford played defensively with Playing with heavy pressure up top. Tighten the defensive game from the midfield onwards. Play with discipline, the more you have, the better. The more effective, in this game Brentford may not have the best game in defense. But it must be said that before finding a hole in this wall to meet Arsenal fans, they had to wait until the last minute.

Diversity in the actions of “Cannon”

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Arsenal is one of the teams that are “used” to encountering deep defensive games from their opponents, because Arsenal often encounters things like this. Especially with teams that know their potential is inferior. And use a tight defensive game to wait for a counterattack. In this game, Brentford even though they didn’t play a full defensive game. But they were tight in defense, which made Arsenal have a difficult time. One thing to notice is that they are in this game.

In addition to playing by using two wings to penetrate the opponent’s defense, in this game we will see a lot of penetrating balls in the middle area. and squeeze the space of the home defense line into the penalty area as much as possible and find the right moment to launch the ball in front of the penalty area To have a chance to score a goal which Arsenal’s entry In this round, in the end They were successful in getting the three points they needed in the final minute of the game.

Aaron Ramsdale and his changed status

Ramsdale had some good moments in this game. and bad in your own memory On the day that he was given the opportunity to enter the field as the main character Instead, he made two mistakes and nearly lost the goal.

Demonstrate confidence and concentration that was damaged from the pressure of wanting to become number one again. However, Ramsdale in this game also had a few saves to help the team as well.

After Kai Havetz’s good national team game

Arsenal midfielder who became a back in the national team game during the past week There may not be many more than 10 minutes on the field. But with the fact that he can score goals Plus it’s a victory gate. It became his first goal from open play this season.