Manchester City 1-1 Liverpool: Issues after the Premier League game, big match, solidarity draw – FEATURE

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  • Erling Haaland scores to put Manchester City ahead in the first half
  • Trent Alexander-Arnold scored the equalizer for Liverpool late in the สมัคร ufabet game.
  • Manchester City dropped to second place after Arsenal won on the same day.
Manchester City 1-1 Liverpool: Issues after the Premier League game, big match, solidarity draw - FEATURE
listPremier League season 2023/24
race daySaturday 25 November 2023
stadiumEtihad Stadium
Competition resultsManchester City 1-1 Liverpool

Trent was involved in both the conceded goal and the equalizing goal.

This was not an easy game for the vice-captain. Liverpool However, until now, Trent Alexander-Arnold Having had a great season as an inverted right-back, Jurgen Klopp has brought him in to help the midfield.

However, he faces a tough test when dealing with Jeremie Dogu. The England full-back was initially rejected by rivals on tour before slowly adapting and impressing with his tackling. Ball from the opponent up to 9 times.

Although Alexander-Arnold Contributed to the lost goal When allowing Nathan Ake to dribble past easily before paying for Erling Haaland to score, he made amends by adding up to receive Mohamed Salah’s pass and shooting it through his hands. Ederson scored the equalizing goal.

“It’s always nice to celebrate a goal in front of the fans. Seeing everyone’s expressions was really funny.” Alexander-Arnold Speaking after scoring an important goal for Liverpool

The worst statistics of Erling Haaland

50 goals in just 48 appearances is an incredible record for one player, making him the fastest player to reach that number in Premier League history.

Andy Cole used to be a great centre-forward. And it took him 65 games before he scored 50 goals, while Ruud van Nistelrooy, another former sharp striker, took 68 games.

Mohamed Salah, who broke many records, played 72 matches before he scored 50 goals. However, for Haaland, he has not even played 50 matches and has already scored half a hundred in the English top league.

The Norway international has broken records everywhere he has been. Because he previously scored 50 goals fastest in the Bundesliga and scored 30 goals fastest in the Champions League.

Liverpool’s midfield balance

“Liverpool It’s a team built to run and attack quickly in the penalty area.” Guardiola said before the game. 

It’s where Klopp wants his players to be, but the “Reds” was determined to dominate the ball more And last summer’s midfield changes will only continue to improve.

Alexis Mac Allister, Dominic Szoboszlai and Curtis Jones are set to start together in midfield. Which in terms of perfection is far from the ideal midfield of recent years. 

Klopp knows his team cannot control the ball against Manchester City but all three are talented. To survive when under pressure Therefore they are very important in this game.

The game at the Etihad Stadium showed they were ready to handle the pressure, receiving the ball from deep in their own half. And look for opportunities to attack quickly. Yes, it’s not perfect, but together it looks good.

Especially in the case of Mac Allister, even though he has mostly been played as a number 6 midfielder since moving. But in this game, he left impressive statistics with 2 interceptions, 3 tackles and a pass accuracy of 93.2%, which is the highest on the team.

Jeremie Dogu impressed once again.

There is no doubt that Jack Grealish is a great footballer. He is one of the ideal players for any manager. But the winger, who is worth 100 million pounds, must struggle to make an impact for Manchester City, and now his position belongs to Jeremy Doku.

Dogu has impressed since joining from Rennes last summer. With the strength of speed and dazzling skills Making him both an offensive player to watch out for. 

It is not strange at all that Trent Alexander-Arnold Will be unable to handle it many times until Klopp has to order Soboszlai to help with the defense as well.

Every time Dogu gets the ball to dribble from the edge of the line. We were all hopeful that the 21-year-old would create opportunities, and on many occasions he did. Unfortunately, in this game he had no assists.

Pep Guardiola’s bench

Manchester City’s defensive bench is very strong, with players of the caliber of John Stones and Yosco Guardiol, who are worth a combined fee of more than £140m, only listed as substitutes.

But in terms of attackers who can solve the game, there is none to be seen, with only Oscar Bobb, a 20-year-old rising star, on the offensive line. and cannot be compared to Liverpool’s side, which has Luis Diaz, Coky Gakpo and Harvey Elliott.

That is why Guardiola chose not to substitute any players to fix the game. Of course, it can be a problem for “Blue sailboat” Sure, if it stays like this throughout the season.