Henry believes this footballer belongs to the Swans after he ridiculed the ghost on IG.

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Arsenal legend Thierry Henry believes the next destination for Liverpool and Real Madrid targets is a move to Anfield.

  Arsenal ‘s legendary striker Thierry Henry stated that Jude Bellingham, midfielder of Borussia Dortmund and the England national team. It’s a ‘perfect’ player as he refuses to tease the fans. Liverpool are not concerned about the midfielder potentially moving to Jürgen Klopp ‘s side in the summer. The Premier League legend told Jamie Carragher: Should Bellingham move to Anfield in the summer he could have the same ‘impact’ that Steven Gerrard had during his time at the UFABET club. In the past Bellingham once said that Gerrard was his hero as a child. and since then The 2005 UCLA champions had told the Reds he was willing to fly to Germany to complete the Bellingham deal himself. 

Henry believes this footballer belongs to the Swans after he ridiculed the ghost on IG.

         “He’s a very versatile and complete player,” Henry told CBS Sports. “He likes to show some movement and skill. What I like is the way he holds the ball ′′ If he has to defend or attack. He was always trying to hold onto the ball to see if he could pass it to the striker. He is also willing to try to win the ball back. It’s not just about skill. He can do whatever he wants at this stage. And we all know that’s why so many people want him. Because he has that in him too. I think many teams want him. We all know how he’s going to end up, right Jamie (Carragher)?” Then Henry turned to Carragher. And he replied, “Hopefully, let’s be real.”

         Henry also added who Bellingham reminded him of: “It was difficult. I played with Xavi and Iniesta. They were passers type. Then there was Yaya Toure, I played with him. He stands a little lower than Patrick [Vieira], a little bit on that side. But Patrick was more persistent in winning the ball back. But once he’s started, it’s very difficult to stop ′′ He’s a modern midfielder. This is why everyone needs him. He can do almost anything. Yes, he is. (Has Steven Gerrard attributes) but it’s hard. You (Carragher) used to play with that big man. I love Stevie G and the way he used to play. Stevie G. What’s up? something He used to unite his team and make everyone play better. I don’t know if he has that. if he goes to that team.”

        Liverpool fans believe Bellingham did something that appeared to be a “mockery” of Manchester United. Before he played for Borussia Dortmund last night (Tuesday 7 March 2023), Dortmund traveled to London for their Champions League round of 16 game. Final team, second leg, but the England international finds time to upload his Instagram stories. It is pictured where he wore the number 7 shirt as a child. Makes Red Swan disciples believe that This young footballer has already decided to move to Anfield. Comments were like, “Oh, he really posted a picture of him with his No. 7 shirt. Beautiful dark magic” or “Bellingham decided to join us months ago. Why do people care about these little hints? I swear you must be stupid. who didn’t even notice that he wanted us!”

         which during Bellingham’s trip to London this time There is news that The player’s representatives with Real Madrid have met, with  transfer journalist Fabrizio Romano insisting it is normal. And the midfielder of Borussia Dortmund has not yet decided on the next transfer. The England international will be one of the most sought-after on the market this summer. After showing excellent form in the Bundesliga But it is not clear where he will play next.

         Yesterday journalist  Santi Auna tweeted that Bellingham’s father met Real Madrid’s chief scout, Youni Calafat, in London, but Romano said: The player’s father has had such meetings every week during this time … To clarify the situation, Romano said: “”It’s very normal. to meet when the director travels to the Champions League games . As with Borussia director Sebastian Kehl, the focus was Bellingham’s decision. which has not yet been decided.”