Hoddle’s excuse for Manchester United defeat goes viral

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Strange excuses from former Chelsea and England manager Glenn Hoddle. On the defeat of Manchester United to Liverpool last Sunday was heavily questioned

     Glenn Hoddle believes Anthony ignored Erik ten Hag ‘s tactical adviceduring Manchester United’s 7-0 defeat to Liverpool on Sunday March 5. In 2023, the Red Devils signed in the summer for £82m from Ajax, struggled to make an impact at Anfield, with Jürgen Klopp’s side scoring six . goals in the second half While the opponent failed to shoot, Ten Hag branded his teammates as They were ‘unprofessional’ after the UFABET game and condemned their poor performance in the game.

Hoddle's excuse for Manchester United defeat goes viral

          Hoddle, meanwhile, felt Anthony was one of the defenders in the game and claimed Liverpool were specifically targeting the Brazilian winger given his lack of defensive roles. “From across the field You have to be around the ball, that’s his mistake,” Hoddle told Premier League Productions. Especially with these two full-backs. His reaction should be with the ball and between Robertson and the goal the team is defending. ‘Had to win the ball back’, which he said in his post-match interview that they weren’t working hard enough. Perhaps he was asked to help him retrieve the ball. But he always fell out of position.”

         “I think they (Liverpool) look at their team and think they can do it on the right flank. But Fernandes was there. (So ​​they’re looking at) Anthony, let’s see if he can help chase the ball ′′ ′′ If Fernandes is on the left side. They should probably do the opposite. That’s the flexibility they can get, Trent Alexander-Arnold. Playing much deeper than usual ′′ ′′ They may be waiting for the team sheet. (Lineup) to see which strikers will be sent down the other side. Because Fernandes did his job to counter and catch up with Alexander-Arnold.

         Following United’s poor run of form, there was much debate about the 13-time Premier League winner’s mistake, with Hoddle making a bizarre comment by blaming the 13-time Premier League champions. The ‘South American player’ of the Red Devils came out ‘upset’ in the second half at Anfield. “I think their feelings are numb. [After 3-0] This team has continental European players. (or mainland Europe) and much of South America during this period. Which is wonderful if things work out. Going well ′′ I think the emotion when they go 2-0, 3-0, they feel the game is over and out of control. “They don’t have anyone to pull them together. In the past maybe Incey [Paul Ince] or (Roy) Keane, they didn’t have that kind of player in their team. Casemiro, I don’t know how good his English is. He’s the type of player who can do it. “For me they’re all unprofessional.”

Since arriving in the summer, Ten Hag has gained new players. Many have roots in continental Europe. (or mainland Europe) and South America means that Casemiro, Anthony and Lisandro Martinez , Vout Wakehorst and Marcel Sabitzer face the intense atmosphere of Anfield for the first time as a Manchester United player, but this event the fans They questioned Hoddle’s opinion because the players mentioned weren’t going to perform worse than the more experienced ‘local’ players, such as Luke Ch  . Waw, Scott McTominay and Marcus Rashford